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Peninsula Performance Feeds is new feed company started by Jackie Vandenbrink, an Equine Nutritionist with 20 years experience in the commercial feed industry.

Our products provide good sound nutrition at a fair price, and are all made using quality local ingredients where possible.

All Manufacturing is done in a medication free facility that is both CFIA and HACCP certified.

As the company grows more products will be added. For now we are proud to showcase 5 quality feeds to meet and exceed the needs of both Pleasure and Performance Horse owners.

Copy of our brochure:

PRICELIST November 2020
all products in 25 kg (55 lb) bags

  • Perform $19.50
  • Exceed $22.00
  • Growth and Development $22.00
  • Fibre-Max $23.00
  • Balance $29.00

We are located at 4376 Second Concession Rd, Sherkston, Ontario. We are there most of the time Monday through Saturday but ask you call or text to assure someone is there to help. I may be out on deliveries.

This website is under construction. We’ll continue to add information. For information please contact us at

jjvandenbrink@hotmail.com or via phone or text at 905-991-4029